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Last weekend we visited a local chain store, which I will call the “Empty-a-Wallet-Workshop”.  I avoided this store with much success until last year when Norah was invited to a birthday party at this store.  The experience, much to my chagrin, was pretty neat and Norah had a blast.  However, I was floored by the quantity and extent of accessories and clothing one could purchase to adorn their “stuffy”.  This weekend’s trip was prompted by an unexpected visit from AuntiE (my sister Erika) and a trip to the local mall. 

AuntiE generously offered to purchase one outfit and I then added that I would throw in the shoes to complete the look.  After much a ton hemming and hawing (and murmered comments to my sister at how stupid we were not to have thought of this genious idea), we left with a cheer leader outfit and a pair of silver glittered “pumps”.  The outfit was $12.50.  The shoes were $7.50.  While this doesn’t seem like much – this is usually what I might spend on my own child for clothing – yes, I’m cheap.  Why?  Because it takes Norah less than 4 weeks to either put holes in the knees of her pants, spill stain-remover-proof liquids down the front of her shirts and less than two weeks to put holes in the toes of her shoes.

I decided I would sew an outfit for her dog.  She wanted a ballerina gown and this is what we ended up with.  The supplies cost me all of about $3 and the colors and fabrics Norah chose on her own at the fabric store – a trip we both enjoy.


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I’ve spent some much needed time in my sewing room lately.  It’s been wonderful. 

I made a few of these because I have been disgusted by the amount of plastic “zipper” bags we are using in the span of one week just to send Norah to school with snacks.

As I was ironing this weekend, I notice that my fabric was not getting pressed.  Turns out, my ironing board has a giant curve to its surface.  Now, this would not be that big a deal had I not “just” purchased this thing about 5 months ago.  The last ironing board I had was old and rusting on the top and the cover was in a terrible state.  I had attempted to sew a new cover, without a patter, but following an online tutorial I found… after a few weekends of fighting the elastic edging, I ditched that effort.  When I got to the store to purchase a new cover, I found that they cost as much as a new ironing board with cover.  No brainer – right?  Wrong.  This ironing board sucks rocks.  WHO on God’s green earth would ever think a plastic ironing board would pass muster??  Seriously?!!!!  You think I’m not kidding – check this out:

Good night my friends,


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