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Mr. Who

My eyes flew open this morning at about 1:15 (yes, that would be AM).  My immediate thoughts were: why am I awake and what’s wrong?  Actually, those are always my first thoughts, always.  The first reason being the most obvious: I’m a mother.  But my new second is burglars (which now bumps a death in the family to third place).  Our next door neighbors were burglarized the week after New Year’s.  I’ve made up all sorts of scenarios and justifications as to why their house was “hit” rather than ours and have successfully calmed my own fears – so far.  But… the fear of being burglarized is lurking and at the ready for occasions such as this.

So there I lay, ears finely tuned to the sounds of our house and Darrell’s measured breathing.  Then I heard it: “whooo-who-who”.    And again, “who-who”.  This is not the first time I’ve woken in the night to this sound.  It’s an owl.  He (I’ve decided that the owl is a “he” and, just so you know, the bunny in our yard is a “she” – just because).  So he has been in our neighborhood for years, but I’ve only been up in the night to hear him a handful of times.  He was going at it pretty loudly and with a measured pace; I swear it sounded as if he was on the deck outside our bedroom.  I wish Darrell could borrow his unit’s night vision goggles  – it would be cool to see him in one of our orchard trees (the owl – I’ve already seen Darrell in our trees). 

You know how, when you are awake late at night, your mind starts to think about stuff that it really shouldn’t?  That started. It went something like this:  Why would the owl choose to be in our yard? Do we have mice and small animals in our yard for him to eat?  Wait a minute… do we have a small rodent problem? Or, perhaps a large rodent problem?  Do I need to call an exterminator?  Do exterminators do yard vermin control?  What about those sounds I heard the other night in the attic, not far from the dryer vent?  Is the dryer vent clogged?  Has the dryer vent become dislodged from the side of the house?  Is the bathroom vent dislodged from the roof and all the steam going into the attic? And so on.  The owl stopped and luckily I went back to sleep not long thereafter.

This is Norah’s owl that I made for her – she calls him “Mr. Who”.  I have noticed that owls have picked up in popularity lately and I have seen quite a bit of fabric and projects with owl themes.  I’m going to make another and call her “Mrs. Who” – unless Norah comes up with another name.

A couple of my fabric choice combinations:

That one reminds me of owls –  because of the circles.  I think I’m leaning more toward this:

I’m really liking the pink/orange/yellow combination.

Oh, and look who was waiting for me at my front door today when I got home!  She’s now standing proudly in my sewing room.  I have a feeling that this thing is going to scare the @#$% out of me one of these days as I come barreling into my sewing room, eyes half closed in the early morning hours before work to do some ironing!


Yikes, my walls look so white!  Hmmmm….


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Back in the “olden” days, I would love to go to the library or a local bookstore (better for latte sipping) and pick out a generous stack of crafting and sewing books that I could devour while tucked away in a quiet corner.  I would jot down ideas and then emerge hours sometime later, blinking in the bright light of day as I made my way back to my car, motivated to take on innumerable projects.

Fast forward to last year and with similar enthusiasm, I could be found pleasantly engrossed in other sewer’s and crafter’s blogs.  Not that this was a bad thing – but access to my laptop and my own espresso machine lent to a blog-following habit that was bordering on obsession.  An hour A good chunk of time would pass, and with just a few clicks I crossed several nations and removed myself from my point of origin tenfold.  I realized that I was spending way too much of my idle time observing how other people were living their lives via their blog entries and sewing projects, all the while accomplishing nothing in my own world of sewing and writing (sounds remarkably similar to reality TV viewing ~ another time-passing pleasure of mine ~ but I’m not ready to join “Real Housewives of Vantucky” just yet.).  Bottom line: I needed to get my butt off the couch and back into my sewing.  Born from this epiphany came two of my (many) New Year’s resolutions.  Number 3 – Sew! and Number 6 – Blog about my Sewing.

The labor of love for today was completing this small gift for Erika.  It is a fully lined cosmetics bag and the lining has a coating of my favorite new sewing notion:  Iron-On Vinyl!

Erika – I hope you love this as much as I do!  If I had not blogged about it, it would be in my bathroom instead of on its way to yours!!

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I bought this fabric because it made me think of my sister, Erika.  I often purchase fabric that I love without any project or pattern in mind.  After spotting this at JoAnn fabric, I knew I had to have it and knew exactly what I wanted to make for Erika.  I just hope she likes “it” and can use “it”.  “It” required fusible stabilizer ironed on the back of the piece shown above.  I was having a tough time and then realized my difficulties were because I have yet to replace that useless ironing board!!

I ordered this baby and it’s slated for arrival on Wednesday.  She’s my size and I have to say the resemblence is uncanny!  Seriously, though, after months of talking myself in and out of buying a dress form, I finally decided that if I want decent product, I will need this in my stash of tools.  I’m trying to come up with a good nick-name for her – suggestions welcomed.

Norah crafted this little item while keeping me company in my sewing room the other day. **smile** Happiness is being six.

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